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Whatever the occasion may be, it is always a perfect time to let your personal fashion style shine through. The idea of SOLO STYEZ custom garment making is to connect with the unique identity of our client and bring out their own sense of style — whether it is strong and confident, feminine and romantic, sexy and alluring, or all of the above. The interview time with the client is one of our favorite parts of the custom design process — it is crucial to creating the unique garment our client envisions for an occasion (or an everyday wear).

If you have a custom garment design idea in mind, or just want to have a perfectly fitted garment and need help with an idea for it, please contact Solo Stylez at              (404)952 – 0770/800-387-0883, or email, and leave all the work and worries to us!

Here is what you could expect:

  1. Consultation

    During your first appointment, you will meet with Gayla or a qualified Solo Stylez team member to discuss some ideas about your desired garment, look and feel you would like from the garment, and any other information that could be helpful to creation of your perfect design.

    If you are out of the Atlanta area, phone/email will be our main choice of communication.
    If your appointment is in the shop, we will go over photos and talk about ideas. If there is something very specific that you would like to have made (if J-Lo, or any of the other stars wore something amazing to the last event and you just have to have the same dress), it would be very helpful to have the image of this garment.

  2. Measuring & Production

    If physically possible, Solo Stylez will take all the measurements needed for the production of the garment. We will also discuss together the specific details of your garment, and finalize the design. We will also pick out the fabrics and establish time frames for the fittings. At this time, the deposit of 25% of the total price of the garment will be due.

    On the first garment fitting, we will do a “mark-up” of your design, which will be done on a muslin/cotton fabric. This process is necessary to ensure the most perfect fit and that you like the lines of the design before we create the garment on the chosen fabric.

    On the second fitting, we will try on a garment from a chosen fabric loosely put together. We will do all the final adjustments and modifications.  Depending on a complexity of your garment, there may be additional fittings before we reach the final fitting. 

The final fitting will be of completely finished garment, which should fit you perfectly. This is when the rest of the payment will be due, as you optimally will be picking up your garment. If there is anything else that would need to be adjusted, our team will be sure to complete these adjustments within next few days, if not hours.

"Read Fine Print"  

If we start on any work or order any materials for your garment, and you decide not to have it made after all, we will only ask you to compensate our time spent at $37 per hour and for materials bought at whatever cost they are bought (after which the materials are yours to keep).

We will accommodate any request that you may have throughout the process of the garment construction that is different from the design on which we initially agreed.  That is to say, you are perfectly free to change your mind on some aspects of the design, if you chose so.  After all, you are the boss and it is your garment!  With that said, please be prepared for the following changes as well:

- additional cost of the work performed and for the materials added

- extended time on delivery of the finished garment

That's pretty much it.  So, if you are willing to pay for changes and have time for us to work on it, we will be happy to accommodate your request, provided that our schedule and other commitments also allow us to perform those changes.