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Welcome to Solo Stylez Apparel Wholesale and Production Company. We are an industry leader in premium wholesale clothing and custom apparel Made in the USA. Shop our extensive wholesale collection today and we promise to treat you right. Every customer is our number one priority. Our goal is to make you feel like you are the only one.  

Since 2001, we have been a mainstream  company that combines the most current styles with the latest production technology providing quality and comfort. Our expert tailoring insures the right fit, whether it's a traditional or body conscious silhouette. Our production team is equally dedicated to getting every detail correct every time. Solo Stylez offers one of the largest selections of fabrications that pass the most rigorous quality specifications. 

At Solo Stylez our goal is always to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive factory direct prices. The more you buy, the more you save! Whether you're a personal buyer looking for fashion clothes, a store owner or business wholesaler searching for suppliers to give your business the competitive edge. Solo Stylez will be a perfect fit for you thanks to our high quality products, low wholesale prices, fast worldwide shipping. We provide superior and  professional services.

What We Offer You
1. We have a selection of the very latest in affordable high quality fashion products.
2. We offer new and exciting products that are sourced and added daily by our experienced buyers.
3. We understand our customers: Our innovative marketing department constantly researches the very latest in popular fashion clothing and accessories to satisfy the diverse demand of our global customer base.
4. We offer different styles and thousands of products – representing the very best quality and value.

Factory Low Price
As a long established global online wholesaler, we leverage an extensive network of professional manufacturers, factories and distributors for our products. All savings are passed on to our customers  for maximum discounts and value. We ensure our customers always obtain the best possible prices. We are totally committed to working with business wholesalers all over the world. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are confident that you will enjoy all the great products available at wholesale prices.

Fast Shipping / Professional Packaging
With internationally renowned logistics operators, including USPS,DHL, UPS and FEDEX. Solo Stylez ships orders fast  with hundred of orders dispatched securely on an a daily basis. For total convenience, we offer a broad range of shipping options to fit the needs of every customer. Professional warehouse personnel will take good care of your orders by making sure they are packed in accordance with our rigorous standards. Your products will be carefully checked and securely packed before shipping out.



What better way to build your brand than by adding your own private label? Order from our current styles with tear away labels and allow us to relabel your garments or create custom apparel with your brand.


Make the clothing you purchase from us your own by replacing our label with yours. Whether it’s the label in the back of a shirt or one on a sleeve, we can make sure that your order is custom labeled with your brand. Trust us to provide you with the precise customization services you’re looking for, and get your brand noticed!



If you’re not sure which of our many styles and fabrications is best for you, try our sample packs. They’re a great way for you to try out our products and feel the difference that quality manufacturing can make. Get familiar with some of our top sellers and try out each style so you get exactly what you’re looking for? Great floor samples or demo pieces for your clients. 


Solo Stylez can customize any garment to your specifications, or we can design custom apparel for you. There’s no limit to what you can have done to our clothing, and wholesale discounts will help you save on overhead expenses. Let us be your one-stop shop for high quality custom apparel!


Make your money go farther when you shop online at Receive free freight shipping on any wholesale order over $200 when you buy online. This limited time offer includes all in-stock items, including samples and clearance. Fill out our Wholesalers Enrollment Form to become one of the family and get discounted pricing! (

 Free freight offer will ship via ground freight in the continental USA only.  Solo Stylez reserves the right to choose carriers including truck and/or end or change this promotion at any time.  

We deliver on time.

Solo Stylez Apparel continues to grow our domestic manufacturing, producing 100% of our inventory in the U.S.A.

Best in Class Customer Service offers a professional, dedicated customer service at at every possible stage from pre-sales to after-sales. Our highly trained CS specialists are always ready to help you via the user-friendly CSR, via telephone or real-time live chat. When you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship, it is complete when you are completely satisfied.Since 2001 we have been producing only the highest quality clothing for leading apparel companies worldwide.  Our corporate headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia with manufacturing facilities in South Georgia.

From the initial concept of an idea through all phases of production, we excel in every area of Product Development, Management, and Production.

We have been recognized for our accomplishments and our ability to produce Quality, Delivery, Price, and Customer Service.

We offer a successful, dependable, and sustainable process that consistently performs in an increasingly challenging environment.

We solve problems and provide worry free performance.

Our Custom Manufacturing Process

Once you have your tech pack and prototype we’ll help get your project rolling. Below is a schedule of the standard assessment process and the type of schedules and costs you will be looking at. Elements of this process may vary depending on the individual client and their needs.


Production Lead Times

Here’s a summary of how long to expect each step to take.

First Sample.  2-3 weeks from receipt of samples, tech packs, patterns or designs. The timing of this can vary as this is a process that aims at creating perfection.

Sales Samples.  Allow approximately 4 weeks from the date fit samples are approved . Sales samples are only made with a confirmed order.

Production. Allow 4-6 weeks approximately, from receipt of production order and deposit.




 Let us help you find the fair and affordable way to create brand worthy apparel.

Whether a start-up or an established brand, you need to know the kind of costs you face in developing and producing a top of the line fashion line. Here are some of the elements that should be included in your costing – and note, we help you keep this “down”.


Sampling Charges

Sampling involves a production commitment. Several designers and businesses  are involved in the development process. It is a huge loss to the factories if an order is not accompanied with the development of a sample. For example- for a single t-shirt, quotes and sampling charges come from several companies; such as, the woven labels, hang tags, packaging, yarns, washer, production factory, freight forwarder, trims or embellishment.

Sampling charges apply which covers bare costs & is shared with the factory.

Based on quantity and a physical prototype we will provide either an initial rough estimate. Since each design will vary in requirements, fabric consumption, trims and accessories, the only way for us to quote a more accurate price for your item to make a counter sample.

Counter sample: We make a counter sample from a similar (and readily available) fabric. Set up fees apply. Please contact us for a quote. There are times that you can go straight to production and do not need a sales sample.

Sales sample: This is a finalized fabric-developed-fabric woven from yarn, dyed in sampling vessels and washed as per specifications. Pricing is 3 times the wholesale price per style, per color, plus a set-up fee. Sales samples are only made with confirmed orders.

Courier Charges: All clients are required to pay for any courier charges to and from the factory and any couriers to you. The best way to do this is to provide an account number for your preferred carrier. You can negotiate prices for both International & Domestic rates when you set up the account.

Note Manufacturing services costs are always inclusive of fabric, trims, accessories, labels, washing, packaging, labor, duties and shipping.


Terms and Conditions

  • We require a 50% deposit at the time orders are placed (production orders) and then require the remaining 50% paid at the time of shipment.
  • We accept certified checks, money orders and major credit cards.

 We have priced our services competitively. Our pursuit of “Fair Pricing” means your goods can go to market at the best price possible.


Our Custom Manufacturing Process

Once you have your tech pack and prototype we’ll help get your project rolling. Below is a schedule of the standard assessment process and the type of schedules and costs you will be looking at. Elements of this process may vary depending on the individual client and their needs.

 Overall Assessment

This is where we do an assessment of the company’s goals and directions including a review of your current products. With your success in mind, we raise red flags around any areas we consider need attention. It’s important to note that we only move forward with production-ready clients that have a sound, success-oriented, business plan.

Review Assessment
Here’s where we check the prototype (physical sample), fabric swatch and tech packs to ensure your product is ready for manufacture. Once that is achieved, a production action plan is formulated. (Note: We require two sets of prototype samples, tech packs or any information required to handle manufacturing.)
Prototypes and tech packs are sent to the factory to made in available fabric. These samples are corrected until 100% production ready.
Price Negotiation Terms
We assist with this review and confirm their appropriateness for the project.

Fabric Selection

We advise on and review options for design- appropriate fabrications.
Costing & Price Negotiation

 We ensure you get the best available price. We also take an extra step and check that you are pricing your products appropriately and in such a way as to maximize profit potential.
Fit Approvals, Grading (size sets), Marker Development
For efficiency, we suggest that these be done locally.
Sales Samples
These are only made with a confirmed order.
Production Management
We’ll make sure that production is handled properly by monitoring and communicating with our clients for quality and on-schedule deliveries. This includes but is not limited to: Approval assistance with colors fabric/yarn sourcing/ size standards/trim sourcing/strike-off approvals/ label approvals and fit approvals.
Quality Inspection & Finishing

We assist your company with establishing and implementing quality standards and best practices. On-site evaluation is also available. We ensure labels, hangtags, and all other merchandising collateral are applied correctly and to your specifications.
Packing Order
Mindful of the impact shipping has on the environment we encourage bulk (poly bags) packaging. Garments will be folded and packed according to size and color, etc.
Our participation includes freight logistics and management/customs clearance/ duty & tariff and delivery of order


Support the local economy and fair labor practices when you buy from Solo Stylez Apparel. Not only will you be keeping business stateside, but you’ll also receive sizing information you can trust and a faster turnaround on your order. Solo Stylez Apparel is a company you can trust to provide you with quality clothing, Made in The USA 

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Private Label

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