Fair Labor

Fair Labor


Our Company / Social Responsibility

Royal Apparel is a privately owned company operating corporately out of Atlanta GA. Our operating facility and subsidiaries operate as fair, safe and non-discriminatory companies. Although over 100% of our garments are manufactured locally, we respect and promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions that establish international human and labor rights, throughout our supply chain. Our company is dedicated to upholding all labor standards in every aspect of our operations and all facilities must meet the minimum guidelines listed below. We strongly believe in the respect of all our employees as well as respect for our environment. This is a part of our corporate culture. 


No Involuntary Labor

Each employee’s presence must be voluntary. This specifically prohibits all forms of prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or any other forms of forced labor. Employees have the option to leave employment at will.


No Child Labor

Royal Apparel does not use child labor. We define “child” as younger than 16 years of age or the compulsory age for school attendance, whichever is greater. Laws on restrictions for employees of certain ages must be followed.


Work Hours / Compensation

For regular work hours, employees must receive wages and benefits that at a minimum meet all federal, state and local laws governing minimum wage and mandated benefits. The regular work schedule (excluding appropriately compensated overtime) must not exceed 40 hours per five day period. All overtime must be voluntary. For overtime hours, employees must receive a premium rate, which must be no less than 1.5 times the regular rate and certainly never lower than mandated by local law. Wages must be paid on a regular schedule and employees must receive an understandable pay slip that shows how wages are calculated. There cannot be conditional employment practices, such as training or apprenticeship wages, pre-employment fees, deposits, or other practices that effectively lower an employee’s pay below the legal minimum wage.


No Harassment / Abuse or Discrimination

All employees shall be treated respectfully and with dignity. Work environments must be free of intolerance, harassment, abuse, retribution for grievances, and corporal punishment. There cannot be discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, nationality, social origin, social status, indigenous heritage, disability, age, marital status, capacity to bear children, pregnancy, sexual orientation, genetic features, or other status of the individual unrelated to the ability to perform the job.


Health and Safety

All our facilities provide a healthy and safe work environment in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 


Environmental Protection / Compliance

All our facilities will comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. We only use low impact, fiber reactive dyes in our garments that are not harmful to the environment. This means that our dyes do not contain any heavy metals or toxic substances. This applies to all styles both organic and non-organic. Recycled water is used in our dye facilities as well. In addition, we use recycled and organic materials in many styles. We are committed to doing our part in offering sustainable, eco-friendly products and manufacturing methods that work with our planet, not against it. 


Other Laws

Solo Stylez and vendors shall comply with all applicable laws including local and national regulations as well as voluntary industry standards.

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