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CUSTOM STYLE: If you would like a garment made to your own styling specifications and colors, please provide the following information: Minimum needed range from 120 pieces per style and color depending on our review of the specifications. 1. Units per style, color and size breakdown. 2. Spec sheet and/or sample 3. Detailed garment sewing construction 4. Type of fabric 5. Patterns (if not available please note that there would be an additional charge) 6. Delivery date required 7. Would these be tag less? If so, please be advised that you will need to provide us with the side seam size labels. NEW STYLES LEAD TIME: • For new styles, 8-12 weeks from the date lab-dips & fit samples are approved. • For a new color in an existing Royal style, 8-12 weeks from the date the lab-dips are approved. Please note that times will vary depending on the quantity and complexity of the order and lab-dips take 2 weeks. ROYAL STYLE/CUSTOM COLOR: • The minimum is 120 units per color which can be broken down to 24 pieces per size. • Please provide fabric swatch for lab dips to submit for your approval. CUSTOM STYLE/ROYAL COLOR: • The minimum is 120 units depending on our review of the specifics PRODUCTION COSTS: • Samples: 2.5 X production costs. (i.e: If the production cost is $5.00, the sample will be $12.50.) • Patterns and grading: Quoted based on the complexity of the style. On all custom programs/screen printing, we require 50% deposit before we start and the balance is based on credit status or prepayment prior to shipping. • All samples, development and production costs must be paid in full prior to beginning proof process. • No free freight on custom orders • Please forward all information requested to and our production team will contact you

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