Gigi Hadid is the one to watch. Gigi is a rarity: a model who appeals to the fashion elite, but also attracts equal attention in the mainstream brands.

At just 21 years old, she has made her mark in the fashion world and on social media with her sex appeal.                                                                           

She grew up with a model influence, her mother was also model. She landed her first gig at the age of two with Baby Guess. (She has gone on to do three major campaigns with Guess as an adult). In high school she was signed by IMG Models. She moved to New York after high school to pursue her modeling career. Within months of moving to New York she was introduced to the famed Tom Ford, he used her for the face of his new fragrance, Velvet Orchid. After that the sky was the limit, a star had been launched.

Now she does major ads for Maybelline, Guess, Harper's Bazaar, only to name a few. (She kills it on the cover of Vogue).She has also won 'Model Of The Year' awards in several different platforms. She is definitely the one to watch for unlimited, unique style. I am loving her. I promise to keep you posted on her next high fashion move. 

                                                                   Signing off until next week.....GiGi


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