Kanye West released his much anticipated music video Yeezy Season 3 style—fans  of the rapper gathered at The Forum arena in L.A. to watch the premiere.

It starts out with an image of angelic clouds as West rants, giving a nod to Saint Laurent, "We culture, rap is the new rock and roll. We the rock stars. It's been like that for a minute Hedi Slimane!"

Rihanna's vocals start out the track—the camera slowly shows faces of naked people sleeping in a bed together, The people are in awe of the unexpected celebrity orgy: Bill Cosby, Anna Wintour, Amber Rose, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, West himself, Kim Kardashian, Ray J., Donald Trump, Caitlin Jenner and George Bush. 

 West knows how to keep us in shock!  The figures starring in the video are a reflection of West's work, personal life, and who is currently in the news.

 But why?

The song and video has managed to whip up so much controversy in just a few days.

The crazy stories that are told from that picture alone. Rihanna/Chris Brown is a reminder of their tragic abusive relationship they had. Kanye, his wife and their exes, Amber Rose and Ray J. He even went as far as to have Wintour the British editor-in-chief of American Vogue, in the mix. As if all that wasn't controversial enough he added, George Bush and Donald Trump two men that the has publicly criticized. No one was off limits.

To top off the controversy, just when you think Kanye and Taylor Swift are ok, Swift claims she did not approve the songs lyrics. After "Famous" premiered, Swift spoke out against the lyrics'. Kanye said she approved of the words over the phone,his wife Kim Kardashian says Swift is just "playing victim". Swift's reps clarified that West never played the song for her to begin with. 

The video referenced the work of  Vincent Desiderio's Sleep. 60 year old Desiderio was the inspiration behind the video. Mr. Desiderio was really thrilled with Kanye's work. He said As I’m watching the thing, they’re smiling and filming my response, and all of a sudden, I realized that it is my “Sleep” painting: “Holy [expletive]! Oh my God!’ I was really speechless. Kanye saw things in it that I don’t know how he could’ve seen. Kanye is truly an artist. Talking to him was like speaking to any of my peers in the art world — actually, more like talking to the brightest art students that have their eyes wide open.

So once again I ask if it is GARBAGE OR ART?


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