It seems as if summer has just started but the truth is it's almost over. Now is the time to pick your looks for the fall season. 

New York fashion week was definitely and eye opener but the Paris runway took my breath away. They had some of the hottest pieces for the fall.

The Paris runway really gave you a feel for what is to come. Versace took over the runway this year. (They are making a comeback).

Ruffles will be one of the top things to look for this fall. For all you ladies that like to play it safe, full turtleneck are back! 

Each of the runways had something for everyone. I won't go into all of the looks because there is not enough time. Make sure when you are thumbing thru to pay attention to the plaids and the off the shoulder looks.

I will end on this note.......We are in for a hot fall! I hope that you ladies are ready.


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